Our Services

Accounting and Financial Management

✓ Preparing computerized accounting records
✓ Preparing periodical reports for management purposes
✓ Preparing cash flow financial Statements
✓ Preparing statutory financial statements
✓ Restatement of accounts to comply with IAS / GAAP requirements
✓ Preparing debtors ageing analysis and periodical statements
✓ Preparing and submitting VAT returns

Payroll Services

✓ Preparing and filing of all necessary forms to register new companies and new employees to Social Insurance Authority
✓ Periodical processing of payroll
✓ Preparing employees computerized pay slips
✓ Preparing and submitting monthly Social Insurance forms

✓ We can facilitate payroll services through our Milgran and Touch Debit Card. Milgran and Touch Debit Card is an innovative provider of payment processing services with a smooth and efficient structure which is flexible to individual and company requirements. We believe that the Milgran and Touch Debit Card concept introduces a new standard of payment services with a wide range of payment opportunities which are ideal for most businesses and individuals.

Company Formation Services

✓ Cyprus Companies (existing shelf companies also available)
✓ Offshore Companies in foreign juristictions in various countries around the world such us BVI, Belize, Seychelles, Hong Kong and other

Trustee and Secretarial Services

✓ Nominee shareholders
✓ Nominee directors
✓ Provision of company secretary
✓ Preparing documentation regarding changes in:
– Directors and Shareholders
– Secretary and Registered office
– Company Name
– Companies Memorandum and Article of Association
– Authorized and Issued Share Capital
✓ Preparing instruments of transfers for Shares
✓ Printing True copy Certificates from the Registrar of Companies
✓ Translate and Apostil Documents and Agreements
✓ Preparing and filling Annual Returns
✓ Preparing minutes of Directors and Shareholders meetings
✓ Organizing facilities for directors and Shareholders meetings

Opening and Manage of Bank Accounts

✓ Opening and administration of personal and corporate bank accounts worlwide
✓ Credit or Debit cards
✓ Daily monitoring and control of all incoming and outgoing transactions
✓ Confirmations for transactions can be made through our office

Administration Services

✓ Preparation and presentation of Feasibility Studies
✓ Training and Supervising your Accounting Department
✓ Providing representatives in local or international meetings

Actor and Film Services

✓ Artist Management and Representation
✓ Intellectual Property Rights
✓ Production Budget Supervision
✓ Production Funding
✓ Payroll services
✓ Film Production Company Financial Advisory and Consulting Services
✓ Cyprus Government Rebate and Grant Schemes application preparation and consulting
✓ Greek Government Rebate and Grant Schemes application preparation and consulting

Travel Agency

✓ Property Management
✓ Payment services
✓ O.T.A. management
✓ Bookings Management
✓ Payroll services
✓ Consulting