Payroll Services

Our Card

Millgran and Touch Debit Card is an innovative provider of payment processing services with a smooth and efficient structure which is flexible to individual and company requirements. We believe that the Milgran and Touch Debit Card concept introduces a new standard of payment services with a wide range of payment opportunities which are ideal for most businesses and individuals alike.

Card Overview

Milgran and Touch Debit Card is accepted worldwide anywhere Major Cards are accepted. You can use it for your online purchases on any site that accepts Major Cards.

Card Features & Benefits

✓ Fully Licenced Debit  card
✓ Accepted at over 1,2 Million ATMs and over 33 Million Sales Location worldwide
✓ Personal Security and Anonymously – Milgran and Touch Debit Card  Account is kept Separate from your main bank account and your personal Data is 100% protected
✓ Simple and fast issuing procedures – No Credit Checks – No Lengthy Applications
✓ Easy and free access to card balance and card account statements through our online portal
✓ SMS and Email Notification Service
✓ 24 hour telephone Helpdesk support