Phileas Master Card

Our Card

Phileas Mastercard is an innovative provider of payment processing services with a smooth and efficient structure which is flexible to individual and company requirements. We believe that the Phileas MasterCard concept introduces a new standard of payment services with a wide range of payment opportunities which are ideal for most businesses and individuals alike.

Card Overview

A Phileas card is a virtual MasterCard that you can use to make purchases using Phileas Mobile Payments at any location where you see the Phileas logo* or anywhere else on line that accepts MasterCard. Once you have a Phileas Virtual Card, you will have the choice to upgrade by purchasing a physical Phileas MasterCard that will do everything your Phileas Virtual MasterCard does as well as let you withdraw cash at ATM and shop anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

Card Features & Benefits

✓ Fully branded MasterCard card
✓ Accepted at over 1,2 Million ATMs and over 33 Million Sales Location worldwide
✓ Personal Security and Anonymously – Milgran Card Account is kept Separate from your main bank account and your personal Data is 100% protected
✓ Simple and fast issuing procedures – No Credit Checks – No Lengthy Applications
✓ Easy and free access to card balance and card account statements through our online portal
✓ SMS and Email Notification Service
✓ 24 hour telephone Helpdesk support